New Blog Artist Awards

Following the success of the first TDPT Blog Artist Awards, we are delighted to announce a call for a new round of these awards.

The first TDPT Blog Artist Awards were launched to help artists, practitioners, students and freelance performance-makers to engage with the blog.  We aimed to mitigate the financial barriers facing those who did not have the institutional support that university academics are accustomed to.

Accordingly, with the generous support of Routledge and the Theatre, Dance and Performance Training journal, we were able to offer small pots of money (£50-150) to support artists who contributed to the site by investigating an area of performer training of interest to the wider community.

The first Artist Award was granted to The Wardrobe Ensemble for two posts that traced two weeks in the development of their show, Education, Education, Education, and the way training informs their remarkable ensemble dynamic.

Our second Award took us to a territory that has remained relatively uncharted in the field of performer training. Marie Andersen posted a series of three posts on Motherhood in/as training that explored a number of perspectives, including female artistic identity and embodiment, training beyond disciplinary boundaries, and training when there is no time.

Our third and final award was given to, Asha Jennings-Grant for her recently completed posts that reflect on her series of workshops in Movement Training for Motion Capture Performance called ‘Embodying your MOCAP’.

To apply for our new round of Artist Awards, please write a short proposal (no more than 300 words) outlining your suggested submission, format and any media you intend to use. You should also include in your statement how you intend to disseminate your post to your networks and help build new audiences for the blog.  Please email proposals to the blog editors: Bryan Brown and James McLaughlin