Research Project on Actor Training at the University of Malta

Cultural Transmission of Actor Training Techniques (CTATT) is a Research Project that studies how actor training practices are transmitted across cultures, and in this process appropriated and transformed. Recently launched at the Department of Theatre of the University of Malta, the project is interested in both historical as well as contemporary instances of transmission.

The formal aims of the Project are:
• to create a series of research actions – workshops, residencies, seminars, conferences – that revolve around the transmission across cultures of actor training techniques;
• to reach out to the largest possible international audience that is directly invested in the study and practice of actor training and performance;
• to create and disseminate a body of knowledge related to actor training, such as workshop documentation, recorded interviews, published scholarly material, etc.

In April the Project hosted three actor training workshops with Alessio Bergamo (Accademia di Belle Arti di Frosinone, Italy), Julian Jones (Rose Bruford College, Sidcup, UK), and Jakub Korčák (Academy of Performing Arts, Prague). The practitioners conducted sessions on Stanislavsky’s magic ‘if’ with Theatre Studies students. These workshops were supported by ERASMUS+ funds for Staff Mobility for Teaching and Arts Council Malta – Malta Arts Fund.

The CTATT Project is directed and coordinated by Dr Stefan Aquilina, who can be contacted on [email protected]. For more information about the project, including a series of interviews with visiting practitioners, please visit

2 thoughts on “Research Project on Actor Training at the University of Malta

  1. Dear Dr. Aquilina,
    I find this project fascinating. Might I look forward to discussing it with you in Malta next week?


    Asst. Prof. at CUNY
    Acting Chekhov in Translation: 4 Plays, 100 Ways

    • Hi Robin, look forward to. I am going to present on the project during the Symposium and we can discuss further for sure.

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