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Welcome to the Theatre, Dance and Performance Training Journal blog! Our online, interactive presence exists to encourage a growing community of artists, academics, practitioners and researchers to share practice and debate issues that are currently alive within the disciplines of theatre, dance and performance training. Our blog engages a new audience for the TDPT journal, creating an online space that promotes spontaneous and productive conversation and debate.

Since its first post in November 2015, the blog has attracted an extensive body of work concerning issues critical to theatre, dance and performance training.  Among the authors contributing to the site are researchers at the forefront of their fields, acclaimed practitioners, and students engaging first-hand with training. Through Artist Awards, it has commissioned a series of substantial posts from, among others, The Wardrobe Ensemble about their training process for Education, Education, Education, Asha Jennings-Grant on her Movement Training for Motion Capture Performance, and Marie Hallager for a series of posts addressing Motherhood In/As Training.  It has a close working relationship with the Performer Training Working Group of the Theatre and Performance Research Association (TaPRA) which has dedicated conference sessions to its posts. Readership and engagement have grown over the lifetime of the blog, developing an international and diverse community of artists, academics, practitioners and researchers who are engaged in the vital issues it discusses.

As we grow further it will represent a productive and discursive teaching tool – or forum – within all levels of education and training preoccupied with dance, performance and theatre.

Please explore our site:

News contains Calls for Papers, event announcements, and important information relating to training in theatre, dance and performance.

Comebacks invites previous contributors to return or “comeback” to an idea they discussed in a TDPT article and new contributors to respond to an idea presented in the journal or elsewhere.

The Studio is a space specifically designed for the sharing of audio-visual training materials.

My Training allows individuals to reflect on their own personal experiences of training.

Training in the Community investigates pedagogic approaches outside of professional practice, exploring how performance training is utilised in community and applied theatre settings as well as how practitioners train and prepare for those settings.

The Practice Diaries Exchange offers a chance for practitioners, artists, researchers and students of performance training to (re)think about, explore, and discuss issues related to practice/training in a Question and Answer format.

Journal is a direct link through to the official Taylor and Francis page for the Theatre, Dance and Performance Training journal.

And, of course, we welcome robust discussion and analysis of posts through the Comments at the bottom of each post.

Our editorial policy for submissions and full descriptions of each area are available here.

Please share the blog link with anyone you feel may find it useful as we continue to develop an engaged and active community. We hope you enjoy the blog and many thanks to the artists, academics, and practitioners who have contributed their work already. We appreciate your willingness to be at the forefront of TDPT’s digital presence. We post material at regular intervals so please do register with us on the blog and check our social media apps for regular updates.