Call for Postcards and Speaking Images: Green Trainings

Special issue: Green Trainings (to be published in September 2024).

As part of the Green Training Special Issue, this is a call for Postcards and/or Speaking Images on Experiences of Green Training. 

We are living in a time of an unprecedented global environmental crisis. Scientists have developed a sophisticated understanding of the Earth’s climate system and we know with high confidence that climate change is happening today as a result of greenhouse gas emissions caused by human activity. In the last 20 years, there has been an increase in arts-based training for environmental awareness, and a rich history of practitioners working outside, drawing for instance from paratheatre, somatics and bodyweather.

In this Special Issue of TDPT we seek to discover green trainings’ roots, to document forms of green training which already exist, and to debate what new forms might emerge. 

Send us a postcard (up to 100 words) or a Speaking Image (short texts responding to a photo, drawing, visual score, etc.) on your experience of training in relation to/towards/alongside environmental awareness. 

  • How does your Green Training look, sound, taste, feel, smell, move like? 
  • How can Green Training be captured in a short piece of text, an image or a visual representation? 

Please send your contribution to Training Grounds Editor: Maria Kapsali [email protected] by Friday the 26th of April.