Peter Hulton on Dartington College of Arts

Theatre Papers: The First Series. Number 4 was Steve Paxton.

In February of 2018, Peter Hulton generously came into my office at the University of Exeter to provide an interview on Dartington and the College of Arts. In true style, this was not so much an interview as a well-planned riff by Peter on three primary themes: training, the Dartington project, and the Drama and Dance field. Having been a key member of staff since the inception of the three originally certified degree programs at the College, Head of Department and Principal of the College, Peter offers a unique context and perspective on the pedagogy and structure of DCA. Moreover as creator of Theatre Papers and Arts Archives, Peter Hulton has influenced the entire discipline and methodologies of practice research and he touches upon these projects in the second half of this recording.

A succinct version of this interview can be found in the Special Issue of TDPT (9.3) “Training Places: Dartington College of Arts”.

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  1. Was a student taught by Peter 1969-70 at Dartington College of arts and would love to see what he has to say – loved working with him – had a very successful nearly 20 years teaching drama but then became increasingly deaf – what I think is of great interest is how I then managed to identify and use a range of transferable skills arising from my drama training that led me to another nearly 20 years of successful work in the disability field included a spell as coordinator for people with disabilities at Bradford university – 2 points 1. Much maligned arts training offers a mass of skills of great skills easily applied outside of the arts field 2. I am now so deaf I cannot hear radio or anything with sound without subtitles – is there a transcript for your interview with Peter

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